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Educe is a unique word game that will build your vocabulary and get your brain all in a twist. 

More than just a word search, puzzle or crossword, Educe, which means ‘to bring out or develop the potential of something’, is all about building new words within and around other words. 

Steal words from other players by adding letters to their words (the more steals the more points you get), just make sure that all the original letters remain in the same order. 


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Educe will be available for free without advertising for three months, after which time users will have a choice between a paid version or a free version that displays advertisements. 

Founded: January 2015
Launch Date: 29 January 2017
Location: Melbourne, Victoria


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Rod Smith  |  Psychiatrist, Wordsmith, App maker

Tracing the origins of Educe means going all the way back to the eighties, a time before the Internet. There was no Facebook or Google or Pokemon Go. People still read books in libraries and Duran Duran and Lionel Richie ruled the charts. 

Educe inventor and crossword nerd Rod Smith was working as a psychiatrist and battling to stay motivated during a mid career lull. So, together with his pal Garnet Johnson, he began batting around ideas that might break the monotony. 

As part of his regional psychiatric practice, Rod was required to spend many hours on the road. It was out on these lonely highways, with only the trucks and utes and Combi vans for company, that the magic finally happened. Staring at number plates all day, Rod began playing with the letters. DRS 002 became Dress, BPY 000 became Bumpy and so it went on. He built words and phrases, and soon he began to ‘see’ all the missing letters he needed. 

The highways changed daily but the letters kept rolling off the plates and bouncing along the road beside him: CSG 007 to Crossing, ECT 525 to Electric. Rod imagined stealing words from other players to create more words – Electric turned to Electronic and Crossing became Crisscrossing – and he wondered how he might ‘defend’ his own words from potential word thieves.

Rod dubbed his new creation, Highway Robbery and set about making a card game with his wife Janice. The game was refined and road-tested while the pair were on holiday in the Cook Islands but without a marketing strategy or really a plan of any kind it languished in obscurity. It wasn’t until a New Year's eve dinner, which included good friend Sally Lutter, that focus returned once again to Highway Robbery

The cards came out, the game was played and the people were happy. 

‘You should make an app,’ said Sally. 

And just like that, the game was reborn. 

So Rod and Janice rallied the troops, climbed technical mountains, and returned from their App-making adventures with Educe in hand.

R.E.D. Card Co.

Educe is the first game in a series of word games to be produced by Rod and Janice Smith’s newly formed R.E.D. Card Co.